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It doesn’t matter if it’s NHL, NFL, MLB or any other major sport, Livesportsontv.com have got you covered. You’ll get all the fixtures being broadcasted live in one view. Instead of you searching every broadcaster’s website to find the information you’re looking for, you’ll have everything in one place. The filter allows you to only show the sports and leagues that you’re interested in. You’ll never have to think about different time zones again, since the TV-guide will adjust the times to your current location. Below are some of the sports leagues that is covered by Livesportsontv.com and information about when the season starts.


Major League Soccer, MLS, is the top division for football in USA and Canada. The first season was played in 1996 and today there are 26 teams competing. The regular season is normally played from February to October and after that the best teams proceeds to the MLS Cup Playoffs. The two best teams from the Playoffs will face each other in the MLS Cup. The MLS Cup is the final game of the season and the winner will be crowned as champions.

The most successful team in the history is Los Angeles Galaxy with five trophies. The MLS has been home to some extremely talented players throughout the years, with Landon Donovan, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard being a few. Livesportsontv.com is the perfect tool for all football lovers out there. Use the TV-guide to see the upcoming games, find out where to watch it live and get information about where the game is played.


NFL, National Football League, is the name of the best American football league in USA. There are 32 teams in the NFL which are divided into two different conferences, National Football Conference and American Football Conference. The NFL is seen as one of the wealthiest sports leagues in the world and the fan base is huge, not only in USA. Green Bay Packers is the most successful team in the history with 13 titles. The regular season starts in September and runs until Christmas. Super Bowl, the final game of the NFL season, is one of the biggest sport events. Every year millions of people around the world get together to watch this massive game. The NFL season is long with a lot of games – Livesportsontv.com will help you to find the right channel and stream for all of them.


NBA stands for the National Basket Association and is the top basketball division in USA. There are 29 teams from USA and 1 team from Canada playing in the NBA. LA Lakers and Boston Celtics are the two teams who have won the NBA most times, 17. NBA was founded more than 70 years ago, and many great players have been representing the teams in the league. Michal Jordan, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal are some of the stars who have been playing in the NBA. If you’re a basketball fan or support one of the NBA teams, you’ll definitely want to use Livesportsontv.com. The TV-guide will gather all the NBA games that are being shown live on TV and stream and give you the information about where to watch it.


If you want to follow MLB live on TV, Livesportsontv.com is the right place for you. You’ll get information about all games and where you can watch them. MLB, Major Baseball League, is the professional baseball league in USA. The league was founded in 1903 and is running every year. 30 teams are competing in the MLB, 29 from USA and 1 from Canada. The league is divided into two groups, American League and National League. Further, each league is divided into three divisions. The baseball season is an extremely intense one where the teams usually plays up to five days per week.

When the regular seasons ends in October the postseason starts. 10 teams in total will proceed from the regular season and play games in a knock-out format. The two best teams will in the end face each other in the MLB World Series, a best-of-seven-game’s final series.

For every MLB game in the TV-guide you will find info about when the match starts, where it’s played and the channel/stream that is broadcasting the event.


NHL, the world’s best ice hockey league. Use Livesportsontv.com and get information about where you can watch NHL live on TV and stream. NHL stands for National Hockey League and is a professional ice hockey league based in USA and Canada. It was founded in 1917 and in the beginning, there were only Canadian teams. Today Canada is represented by 7 teams and USA by 24 teams.

NHL is a league divided in two conferences, Western and Eastern Conference. All teams face each other in the regular season before the best teams advance to the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is played in a knock-out format and every round is a best-of-seven-games series.

The team who has won the league most times is Montreal Canadiens, 25 times. Through the years a lot of world class players have been playing in the NHL. Wayne Gretzky, who many sees as the best ever, still today possess some of the most impressive records. He has scored the most goals, most assists and most points of all players.