There is a church by my house that produces T-Shirts for its congregants that read “No Perfect People Allowed.” This presents a refreshing message: Nobody’s perfect because perfection cannot be obtained. It’s impossible. However, despite its unfeasibility, one should still strive for perfection. That’s the genius of the slogan. Its thrust tells one to keep pushing to get better.

Improvement can be difficult to achieve if you are consistently hearing how good you are; Just ask Jimmy Clausen.  Everyone says or does things they wish to forget (e.g. Todd McShay), but it would be counterproductive to erase those memories from one’s mind. The very best remember their mistakes and their worst moments. They want to remember that futile feeling so the fire inside them keeps burning for improvement.

Welcome to Freezing Cold Takes. This website will primarily serve as a motivator to sports media professionals and other personalities by assuring they will not forget any of the unprophetic and inaccurate takes from their past (what we here call “Cold Takes”). For over a year, I have been operating the Freezing Cold Takes Twitter feed (@OldTakesExposed), where I have been posting Cold Takes daily. The feed has received some acclaim (e.g. Profiles in Sports Illustrated, Newsday, The Buffalo News, and The Daily Dot, amongst others). While all that is very nice, the most satisfaction comes from knowing that I am helping people strive for greatness. I’m making a difference. But, as a natural born humanitarian, I’m always thinking about how I can do more.

Hopefully this website will further my mission. I am excited to partner with the great folks at Comeback Media, who produce many popular websites, including The Comeback and Awful Announcing. Together, we will continue to motivate people to strive for future success. This website allows us to expand beyond the 140 character limit. As a self-titled “internet search junkie,” I have long desired a more significant forum to explore the intersection between previously published content and the daily events in sports. We think you will enjoy our work so please share with every single person you know.

This is going to be a lot of fun.  We are good people. So with that, media folks, please don’t pretend to be upset with us. We are just trying to help. It is YOUR best interests for which we are concerned. You can thank us later. It is our pleasure.

About Fred Segal

Fred Segal, 35, grew up in the Miami, Florida area and currently lives in Coral Springs, Florida, with his wife and two children. He is currently an attorney practicing in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the law firm Broad and Cassel. Fred is a graduate of the University of Florida and is a rabid, borderline unhealthy, supporter of the Florida Gators.