Since Russell Westbrook just led the Oklahoma City Thunder to a remarkable 114-106 comeback victory over the Orlando Magic Wednesday night with an absurd 57-point, 13-rebound, 11-assist performance, it’s a great time to review a few quotes from when Westbrook was drafted by the Thunder franchise (still the Seattle Supersonics at the time) in the 2008 NBA Draft just before its relocation to Oklahoma City.

Before the draft, the Sonics, who had the 4th overall pick, were expected to look at Westbrook’s UCLA teammate Kevin Love or possibly trade down. Instead, they chose Westbrook leaving some “Sonics fans and analysts [scratching] their heads.

And then there is this, via the Seattle Times:

“‘They might have some explaining to do,’ NBA analyst Mark Jackson said.

‘It doesn’t make sense,’ said college basketball analyst Dick Vitale. ‘Seattle will look back on this and realize they made a big, big mistake. Love would have been fantastic for them.'”

Well, Seattle may not give a hoot, but we all can agree that the franchise feels just fine about this one.

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