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WFAN host Mike Francesa has given us some great moments during this NCAA tournament, from seemingly mistaking which conference Maryland was in to defending that non-analysis by saying he was texting with his wife and not paying attention to his show to having all of his Final Four picks knocked out before the second weekend. Francesa came through with another gold moment Monday, praising Kentucky guard Malik Monk to the heavens only a week after telling a caller “I don’t like Monk.” Here’s Funhouse‘s compilation of the two clips:


The first part sees a caller discussing Monk, and Francesa interrupting with “I don’t like Monk. I’m not a big Monk fan. I don’t love Monk, I don’t love him.” The second part has Francesa saying “Monk is going to be a big-time scorer. He’s got incredible range from three. Tell me he couldn’t be in like a Golden State setting, shooting the ball all night like a rainbow. The guy’s going to score like crazy. Wonderful talent.”

Francesa has often been known for changing his mind, frequently with an “I never said that!”, and he’s done so about everything from his Leonard Fournette Heisman prediction in 2015 to talking about the weather conditions in a game played under a roof, but this is still a great one even by his standards. The best part is that it came just a week later, too.

Guess all that regular-season college basketball Mike (and no one else) watches gave him a bad opinion of Monk, but this weekend’s games changed that. Monk did have 21 points in Friday’s win over UCLA, but was held to 12 in Sunday’s loss to UNC (below his season average of 19.8), so it’s not like this weekend was drastically superior to his regular play. But hey, he won over the Sports Pope, so that’s a feather in his cap.

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