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March Madness always produces memorable moments in various different forms.  Some of the best come from games when a team that looks like toast comes back to win in spectacular fashion.   That is exactly what happened during the 2013 Sweet 16 when the South Region’s four-seed Michigan pulled off a miraculous win against top seed Kansas in Arlington.   The Jayhawks dominated most of this game, and after being up by 14 with seven minutes left, KU held on to a 10-point lead with 2:52 to play.   However, the resilient Wolverines were able to trim the lead to 5 with 21 seconds to go before a Glenn Robinson Jr. layup for Michigan followed by a missed free throw by KU’s Elijah Johnson led to this from Michigan guard Trey Burke…

Burke’s shot forced overtime and will go down as one of the most memorable plays in Michigan basketball history.  The Wolverines pulled away during the extra frame for an eventual 87-85 win.

The celebration was sweet that night for Michigan. However, long before Burke’s legendary shot, almost everyone thought Michigan’s season was over. Here are some of the tweets from before the last three minutes of regulation…


Gabe DeArmond, a Rivals publisher for Missouri site PowerMizzou, either successfully executed a “reverse jinx” on hated rival Kansas, or was particularly confident in a Jayhawks’ win:



But plenty of other notable figures shared the “Michigan is done” take:


A lot of that Michigan comeback was thanks to Burke, named National Player of the Year that season. He went scoreless in the first half, but scored 23 points in the second frame and overtime to help pull the Wolverines back into the game. The whole team came together down the stretch, though, finding ways to force turnovers and capitalize on their own opportunities, and they built on this comeback. Michigan would go on to beat Florida 79-59 in the Elite Eight and Syracuse 61-56 in the Final Four before losing 82-76 to Louisville in the title game. But many figured their season was doomed long before that when they fell behind against Kansas.

Plenty of college basketball fans shared the “Michigan is done” sentiment during the game as well:

Michigan Kansas 1

Michigan Kansas 2

Well, Burke did show up, Michigan didn’t fire John Beilein mid-game, and it all worked out in the end. As for the twitter gallery? They probably just moved on to commenting about the next game.

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