One of the most popular sports themes that has emerged in March is analyzing Mike Francesa’s not-so-expert analysis of the NCAA Tournament. The WFAN sports talk radio kingpin tried to break down the bracket and went viral for his “analysis” of Maryland basketball not knowing they were in the Big Ten and offering the most vanilla breakdown of a sports team ever recorded.

The allegation is that Francesa really doesn’t know that much about college basketball, but tried to give his “expert” opinion anyways. Francesa called out all the haters afterwards, but this next clip isn’t likely to get everyone on the internet off his back anytime soon.


Because NONE of Mike Francesa’s Final Four picks made it to even the second weekend! Have a listen to the audio below.

Ok, so Louisville and Villanova are pretty common picks to make it to the Final Four. One is the defending national champion and the other was a #2 seed from the ACC. Those upsets probably busted a lot of brackets this weekend. But Notre Dame? Wichita State??? C’mon Pope! One outlier I can understand, but those picks are just asking to be crossed out with a big red sharpie.

There are people out there who picked their brackets based on “which is the better potential vacation locale” or using random number generators that have at least one Final Four team left and probably multiple ones. Maybe next year Francesa can go on the air for 5 and a half hours and pick the NCAA Tournament based upon which mascot could win in a fight. Just think about how entertaining that radio would be!

[Via Sports Funhouse]